Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tiny little princess

Today was Ava's 9 month check-up at the doctor's office. She is still sitting comfortably in the 5th percentile weight at 15.5 pounds and in the 25th percentile height at 26 inches. She is crawling everywhere, leaving her sweet little knees red at the end of each day from following her brothers room to room. Last night Dan and I nearly passed out when she began to pull herself to her feet to be held by mama on the couch. She is moving way too fast for me. Can't she slow down and be my baby longer?? The boys never moved this quickly in their development so I am astounded at her growth in her tiny little frame and safety-pinned pants. The picture to the left fits her to an absolute tee, smiling and crinkling her nose each time someone looks her way and then erupting in sweet little giggles. She also seems to be a mommy's girl right now, never wanting me to leave her sight without wailing until I enter the room again. I cannot help but love that, just a little..

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The Daniel Family said...

How beautiful and sweet is that baby girl!?!?! Claire about had a heartattack when she saw that pic! Glad to hear your mother's day was a good one and things are going well!