Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jackson's last days

My baby now officially attends the big school and mama cannot stand it. I got all weepy just walking into his preschool room on his last day. At least I have the summer to prolong time before the real boo-hooing starts in August!

He had a 2 day party at preschool beginning with backwards day and ice cream sandwiches and who knows what all else! He came home with a big bag full of goodies that we could play with this summer. The following day was for goodbyes and recreation. I think they played outside the entire time and it involved water balloons!! Mommy then got to come and have a picnic with Jackson and his friends. It was tons of fun to sit on the floor and eat peanut butter and jelly amongst many a 5 year olds! He had wonderful teachers, Mrs.Slack and Mrs. Fleming as pictured above with Jackson.
We ask everyday when we will go to school and when most importantly we go to Kindergarten. I am planning to make a big red circle around the first day for him so he can begin his countdown, even if mommy wants to black it out and pretend that it isn't coming!!!!

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The Daniel Family said...

Why do they have to keep growing up?!?! I miss our days of being exciting about crawling and walking and talking! It's so sad, yet so fulfilling to see these babies start out on a new adventure! Give all your babies hugs and kisses!