Monday, May 12, 2008

Day of unlimited kisses

A pretty low key Mother's day for us at the Shurtz home. Danno had to sing this weekend so we spent allot of time waiting for daddy. Saturday evening, we were telling Jackson what Sunday was...Mother's day, or as mommy declared it, Unlimited Kisses day. He kept saying, "Oh no. Not for me!!" You would not believe the fight that my sweet 5 year old gave me for kisses. I do miss the days when he wasn't squirming for a kiss from mommy. My baby Maddox and sweet princess were allowing me to kiss them all over face chins and bellies and then continued to ask for more. At on time I think Jackson said, "OK Mom, you can only give me 100 kisses right now!" After many a giggles and tickles and many chases and tackles, bubby gave in to my only wish for mother's day...unlimited, uncomplaining , undeniably sweet kisses from my kiddos.

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