Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First day of Kids Day Inn

Maddox's first day of Kids day Inn/Mom's day out was last Friday. As you can see he clearly does not want his picture taken for this momentous event. He has been talking about school and acted so excited to take his new Spiderman backpack and lunchbox that I was hoping he would have a good time. At Meet your teacher day the week before, he was excited to go play with the animals and color. I prepared his teacher for the worst, explaining that we still have a rough time dropping off for church on the weekends. Mrs. Downing had been Jackson's teacher at 2 and he absolutly loved her. She met Maddox at the door with open arms and luckily, no tears at all!!
After MAPS that morning I found it very strange leaving the church that day with only Ava in tow. Is this what it was like with only one child?? I had forgotten. This was a piece of cake. We went and picked up Jackson, had a fun lunch at Mcdonalds, some ice cream at Cold Stone and then back to pick up the goobley at 1:30.
Mrs Downing said there were some times with tears, but overall, he did ok. Hopefully next week and each week after will get better for my sweet strong-willed 2 year old and someday, close to the end of the school year, he may actully enjoy his time at KDI.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My merry maids

The kiddos and i are having company tonight for dinner while my sweet husband is out of town on business. We all know what this means. Clean-up!!! I am not an everyday cleaner, that would be impossible and frustrating with the 3 little monsters, I guess i would classify myself as more of an everyday picker-upper??? Let me rephrase that. Constant picker-upper!! It seems like the monkeys run through the house in a whirlwind, dragging whatever it is in their hands strung on the floor and leaving a semi-neat room in utter disarray in a matter of seconds. Ava is at the stage of throwing food everywhere off of her tray the second she decides she is done. The area around her high chair is something that gets swept 3 times daily and cleaned (with solutions) every other day. She is the messy-mess, as I call her.

Any -hoo, company is coming. which means giving the false impression that the house is spotless always. Today, the boys joined in on the project. sticky fingers and hands are always leaving little markers on our kitchen chairs. Jackson and Maddox were to spray the chairs down and wipe away their foodies. This led to a song, written by Jackson, called "clean-up is fun". We were all singing and scrubbing the kitchen clean and hopefully making good habits of my handsomes.

Soon, the boys began fighting over who sprays and who gets to wipe. Apparently it is funner to spray than wipe away. On this beautiful 70 degree day they were whooshed outside to play while i finished up.
At least I managed some help for a few minutes, and I think a new song which we will sing at clean-up times. Just regular Disney day!!! Zipp-a-dee-do-dah!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


As challenging as it is to be the parent of a 2 year old, some days it is also the most hilarious, laugh yourself silly time that I love so much.

Maddox is just a regular comedian right now!!! I walk into the toy room sniffing "the odor". I say aloud, "who's poopy?" My 2 year old responds, "nope. No stinky, yucky mom." He then turns around, pulls open the back of his diaper to check himself and says,"no yucky mom". Maddox walks up to Ava and smells her bottom and exclaims, "It sissy stinky, yucky!!" I just have to laugh at all of this because I have never seen a 2 year old check himself for dirty pants and then check someone else to investigate the problem! So funny, my little sweet goobley.

A random thing that made me smile today~ On the way home from taking Jackson to school this morning I saw 2 horses kissing. Truly, lip to lip!! Now, not knowing anything about horses, I seriously doubt they were kissing...but I'd like to think so in my little dreamland were the sky is beautiful, birds are chirping, Disney movie where everything is perfect and no one ever gets sick.
I may need counseling....