Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The T-ball player

We now spend 2 nights a week at the Goddard baseball fields watching Jackson play his 1st year on a t-ball team. Anyone who knows me, knows that watching any type of sports is by far the last thing in the world that I would like to do. I must say though, watching my baby make friends and play on a team is becoming a new favorite. Ask me if they have won any games thus far...couldn't really tell ya, but I can tell you how sweet he looks in his little uniform and how it makes my heart swell when he catches the ball or swings and it goes a long way. Last week at his game he caught the ball when it came to him and I thought he was going to jump out of his skin with excitement. We called papa immediately to tell him the big news. I am also placing my order for a button with his picture on it which I know I will wear everywhere for awhile. I am not saying I enjoy watching sports now. Believe me, sometimes come mid-winter I think I would rather cut off my arm than watch another football game or hear commentary on how the Chiefs are doing, but watching my baby have fun at anything makes it fun for me too.

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