Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here comes the Spiderman

I could not help but post of a few of these pics of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman! He is most certainly our new obsession with everything having to with "Pider".
Little funny tidbit... Maddox and I were going down for nap and he started screaming "pa-ker, pa-ker!! Mommy pa-ker!!" Responding in the usual, "uh-huh and I see" he would not stop the yelling. (also a new favorite) So hence, I went to go see Pa-ker. Gooby was pointing to a large spider on our front window. Come on now, Parker, as in Peter Parker; The Spiderman. My sweet boy new what he was saying, "Pa-ker".
The pictures are of Maddox in Jackson's spiderman summer underwater swimming goggles. Didn't know they could double as a costume, huh?? I am going to have to search for a costume to complete the outfit. Shame on me for not thinking ahead and buying one the day after Halloween last year to add to our dress-up collection. I may have to pay full price...maybe.

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The Daniel Family said...

That middle man is growing up so fast! He looks darling dressed up and ready to save the day!