Sunday, May 4, 2008


What a crazy week we had!! It began last Monday evening, watching my sweet baby Jackson preform for the final time as a preschooler. (boo hoo-video to come) We then concentrated most of our time getting ready for our big neighborhood garage sale. Pricing and organizing, finding enough tables and making sure that everything was in order was allot of work and not allot of time to spend time with my sweet kiddos. Daddy also had to work extra long last week, which left my biggest helper to be MIA. (Not to mention that we all missed him terribly.) Therefore, crankiness by everyone ensued. Who knows what we would have done without Nana and Papa there to help...go crazy or maybe crazier!!! Maddox did seem to be fascinated by the garage sale, always wanting to be out helping mommy with something. Jackson was a little more leery. He awoke Thursday morning seeing all the buyers in the garage and said to Nana with big serious eyes, "Is mommy going to sell our house??". The boys did make up a little fun game. I had taken a sackful of Mcdonalds and other happy meal toys and placed them in a free box for the sale. After getting cleaned out the first day, I came down to the toy room for another full sack, excited that I was getting rid of things . Ha!!! Jackson decided that he was going to buy all of his toys back after placing hands on hips and asking me where I was going with those. He took money from the cash box and kept bringing me his free toys to buy back. Maddox got in on the fun, also asking for coins , but then throwing them all over the garage. (We seem to be going through some kind of throwing phase) Needless to say, Mcdonalds toys are back in the toy room and Dad and I were picking up coins all morning yesterday.
Jackson also had a community helper day at preschool last week. The kids were told to dress up as a helper of their choice, (Dr., police officer, fire fighter, mommy, teacher, nurse, etc.) Of course Jackson picked the job that we did not have the costume for. Within all the garage sale stuff, mommy had to try and throw together a police officer outfit. I thought we did a pretty good job. He was truly the cutest officer I had ever seen.
This week I am hoping for a low key week. Maybe zoo time or a lunch at the park where I don't have to organize, negotiate or count back change. I wanna kiss my babies and have some fun!

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