Friday, April 25, 2008

Lil' crawler

Can you believe that our little princess is almost 9 months old?? It seems like yesterday that she was still in my tummy kicking up a storm. And to top things off, she has begun to crawl. Ava loves to be on the floor, finding all the little goodies that her brothers have discarded at play or at snacktime. We really have to watch the messy older rugrats, the other day sis was eyeing a fruit snack that had been lost from a sticky hand!!! She is absolutely so sweet and lovable, always wanting to snuggle in a lap or give a slobbery open mouthed kiss. She jabbers up a storm and lights up when her brothers walk into the room to give her attention and to make her giggle. She, along with her silly, sweet older brothers make my days so much brighter and more fun. There is always something to laugh and chuckle at and appreciate this time as a mommy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

This past weekend, Dan and I went to Las Vegas with friends to celebrate the union of our friends Jeff, "Heffy", and Jenn in holy Vegas matrimony. We had a blast!!! I think so much fun that all of us agreed that we should make it a yearly trip. And we should certainly go this time of was beautiful.
Besides the wedding, highlights included, "Ka" by Cirque de Solei, a yummy dinner at Emeril's, VIP drinks and dancing (courtesy Farag) at Studio 54, awesome shopping at an outlet mall, winning $270 (then losing it ), KU to the finals, a $1 million ring at 40% off (what a bargain for $600,000 ), some random guy walking through he casino and puking then just walking on (crazy!!!), and lastly, spending time with friends and my wonderful sweet husband.
I came down with a bronchial infection and sinusitis while we were there and could not have asked for a sweeter more understanding man to take care of me. At 3:30 am, when I am hacking up a lung, he gets up and goes down to the lobby to find me way overpriced cough drops and DayQuil. I just love him so much I could squeeze him to pieces!
Thanks Vegas for so much fun!!!!!!!