Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun in the sun

This week we spent a couple of days at the pool. Although the water may have been a bit chilly from recent showers, everyone had fun splashing in the cool water. Being as it was my first time flying solo with all 3 munchkins, I let everyone enjoy and experience the water at their own pace. Jackson, walked right in, excited that he was easily touching the bottom of the pool at the shallow end. Ava, whimpered a little at first, but quickly got used to the water in her own little floating chariot. Maddox, my sweet, sweet boy. He cracks me up so often. Being 2, he is learning who he is and how he observes the world around him. I put his floaty on and went to grab him to hop into the pool, and NOOOOOOOO. This really surprised me since he has been my little fish in the bathtub from day one. He also seems to have no fear when it comes to some daring things. But, the big pool can be a little intimidating. So he went to the corner of the pool area hugging the fence closely. I let him hang out and do his own thing and pretty soon he scooted closer to the pool on the concrete. 10 minutes later his feet were dangling over the side. I offered to hold him again and, NOOOOOOOO. So I let him hang out a little longer. 10 more minutes later, he had walked over and was sitting on the steps of the pool, splashing around with his little sweet toe toes. I was so proud of our little goobey bear, I found myself tearing up at his courageous venture. Sadly it was time to go on day 1 of fun at the pool. Day 2, still chilly, Our friends the Riley's, who we love dearly, joined us for some swimming fun. The below picture is of Corbin and Jackson. Don't they look like brothers?? The boys both love, who Maddox calls, "Cornin", and sweet Brooke, his sister, loves the babies and will one day, no doubt, be an awesome baby sitter!!
Anyway, Maddox immediately walked right to the steps and began to splash. After a short amount of time he was asking for Jackson or I to hold him. Then, he wanted no one to hold him!!! AHHHHH! Who knows what will happen the next time we go to the pool?? But I am sure it will be fun and full of laughs.

Monday, June 23, 2008

10 Happy Years

A week in paradise

Last week, Danno and I celebrated 10 years in the most beautiful paradise on earth...St. Lucia. This place is amazingly spectacular, taking my breath away each time I turned around. We had a small house, set amongst the most beautiful vegetation, in the midst of an amazing rain forest. Stepping out onto our patio we had our own little plunge pool, comeplete with lounge chairs and full room service, between 2 spectacular piton mountains. We had such a wonderful time together experiencing "maximum chill" by laying on the beach, having wonderful dinners, and watching the most beautiful sunsets on earth. We loafed most of the time, spending most days laying in the sun with some fruity drink in hand. It is so relaxing to let time just pass around you being lazy when you are with the person you love so much.

Last Thursday we renewed our vows alongside a breathtaking sunset on the beach with the waves crashing at our toes. I think I cried more at this wedding than at the first one! I am talking ... the ugly cry, unable to speak cry. It was incredibly moving and emotional for us both and solidified how special what we have together is. We then had a a dinner right on the beach with our own personal waiter and chef, surrounded by torches and lanterns with the sound of water and the beauty of 2 beautiful mountains. It was the most amazing day and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My son the genius

I am in the toy room this morning with my children starting Spiderman before I go deaf from Maddox screaming so loud, when I begin to get frustrated because the boys have lost the remote and have not found it the last few days. (crazy how we can't do anything without the little rectangular box!) I tell Jackson that he better find it today and he needs to clean out the toy box to find it. He then spouts off, "You do it." Before my top blows at 8:30 in the morning he quickly replies, " You're really smart. I'm only medium smart, so you need to find it. Dad is 31 smart and your 27, so that's pretty smart." He then goes back ot watching the movie, as if what he said was so matter of fact and comepletely true. My back is turned and I am shaking with giggles as I walk from their toy room. He is truely gifted!
Also...Strike me down for telling my son that I am still 27 and have been for the last couple of years !! I haven't quite embraced the 3's...