Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lure of the "Red Stuff"

So this is the face of our little diva after I noticed her missing one evening after dinner. I had left the bottle of ketchup on the counter to which sis had pushed a chair over, climbed up, got herself a plate, and dumped a almost entire bottle of ketchup covering the Disney princess' , and then preceded to eat plain ole ketchup with her fingers. I just don't get the lure of the red stuff. I mean it's good with fries and on burgers and dogs, but eating plain?? Dipping a green bean in it?? on a ham sandwich?? I don't get it??!! Some of my girlfriends would tell me to ban the stuff because of all the "red dye" in it sent from Satan. Don't think I'm quite that extreme, but I do think there is some kind of narcotic in it to make kids dump it all over Ariel's face and eat it with their lil fingers.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying to make a memory dang it!!!

So, I was trying to be the good mom and I bought all the fixins to make smores thinking we would all stand around the chimminhea, sing campfire songs, hold hands and giggle. Right, that worked out well. The kids did ok for about .5 seconds. Jackson didn't even want to eat his marshmallow, Maddox just wanted the bag of marshmallows to eat out of, Danno hates smores and wouldn't even act like he was interested, and Miss Ava wanted to poke her brothers with the skewers because she thought it was funny after eating 4 Hershey bars. Her tiny face smeared in rings of chocolate and hands a sticky mess that attracted every bug in our backyard. I am trying to make a memory here family, please humor me in participating!! I did enjoy two of them after Jackson went in the house to play Wii, Maddox begged to open bubbles, Dan played with his phone and sis continued to drag her chocolated coated hands through the clean hair that I had just washed. So I guess that the memory is... no one really likes smores but mama :( But, never fails, I will try to make this same memory again, when its a little cooler.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is there anything better??

There are so many things that make summertime that much better. Dips in a cool pool, no school, and endless hours playing video games and watching TV. But can anything really be better than a Flavor-ice on the front porch. Their easy no dip plastic packets you would think could be every mommy's no fuss dream. My children however, seem to find a way to make them almost as bad as a baby eating rice scattering it all over the floor. But never fails, every afternoon and into the evening, someone begs to have Flavor-Ice Popsicles to ease the heat of summer and make that 100 degree that much more bearable. Not to mention that it seems to cost a dollar for about 100 of them :)