Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lure of the "Red Stuff"

So this is the face of our little diva after I noticed her missing one evening after dinner. I had left the bottle of ketchup on the counter to which sis had pushed a chair over, climbed up, got herself a plate, and dumped a almost entire bottle of ketchup covering the Disney princess' , and then preceded to eat plain ole ketchup with her fingers. I just don't get the lure of the red stuff. I mean it's good with fries and on burgers and dogs, but eating plain?? Dipping a green bean in it?? on a ham sandwich?? I don't get it??!! Some of my girlfriends would tell me to ban the stuff because of all the "red dye" in it sent from Satan. Don't think I'm quite that extreme, but I do think there is some kind of narcotic in it to make kids dump it all over Ariel's face and eat it with their lil fingers.


The Daniel Family said...

Cracking up over that one!!!!! Although I think the lure lives in my oldest child...Geoff!

Ewing Family said...

That is too funny!!