Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hold the hands hold the hands!!!!

As many know, last week was birthday week, which also means, making cakes, which means making homemade-to-die-for butter cream frosting. This ALSO means, everything is in upheaval and a disaster area with things left out and baking products everywhere. I admit it, when i am planning, things are a disaster. One morning for breakfast, Jackson decided he wanted green eggs and ham. SO i made him green eggs seeing as how the kitchen was chaos and full of baking supplies. Later that morning, the Lindsey kiddos came to play while their mommy was at a bible study. Kids played and I cleaned. everything was going swimmingly. My friend Jess came back and we ate lunch and sis and Aubrynn were sitting in the chair when I looked over and I saw it and all i could think was "hold the hands, hold the hands!!!" Sis had gotten into blue food coloring and gotten it all over her hands. The pic below is after washing. It was WAAAYYYY brighter believe me. The next night as I was dying icing with my mom I turned and she was into the yellow Wilton icing dye. EATING it!!! what is it with sis and the food dye??? Thankfully it managed to be fairly easy clean-up and didn't get on anything other than skin. An angel was watching I tell ya. The please don't make a mess so mommy doesn't pull her hair out angel of mine that seems to be permanently attached to my shoulder. Thank you Jesus for making her mine. I so need her!!


Jess said...

Way to be positive! :) That is so freaking hilarious. That morning when she got all covered in that dye I couldn't believe how calm you were. You were barely surprised! Oh good times. Good times. :) Hehe.

Melinda said...

Oh goodness not sure how I will handle these soon to come close calls. I hope I can be as calm as you. You truly are my inspiration.