Monday, August 24, 2009

My Ava Grace

To my beautiful spirit as she turns 2.

You mesmerize me my baby princess. Your love, laughter and excitement can't help but be contagious when you appear in the room that you command.

You move to your own rhythm with no concept of time for I truly believe that you think the world revolves around you.

I love that you are unbelievably funny and love to laugh as much as your mommy and daddy. What would our life be without your laughter? Please never stop laughing sweet girl. The world would be so much less without your giggle.

I love that you are undoubtedly my girly-girl of all little girls. No doubt you are a little priss and isn't that what I prayed for?? My own little princess to play dress up with and doll up each day. To put lipstick and nail polish on her sweet face after putting a bow in soft curls. To hear her clunk through the house with plastic heels in costume jewelry and a feather boa. I no doubt got a princess to call mine. With all of the drama and chatter that comes with it. I love every second of it baby girl. Thank you for choosing me as your mommy.


Jess said...

Love you Ava!! Sweet tiny princess! No one else like you!

The Daniel Family said...

Beautiful sweet Mommy! Can hardly stand that she is that big already! Time flies when you are playing dress up!

The Daniel Family said...

And yes, Claire is wearing wedges. Heels of all types, shapes, colors...just wait! Your shoe fetish will fall short to your princess', I guarantee!