Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ross 2010

Most of you know that I LOVE taking senior photos. If not, I really, really love the creativity and flexibilty that this type of photo has. I'm really excited about these and extremely proud of them. Enjoy!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Goobley-Goo

Today, you turn 4 years old sweet Goo and I cannot believe the changes I have seen this past year as you now grow into the ornery little boy that we see every day.

You have an addiction to fruit snacks and candy. You would rather have a box of sugar from the store than a toy I think, which makes me wonder exactly what kind of sugary narcotic is in them. I use them as bribery and "positive reinforcement" to get responsive behavior. Please don't fault me for doing this.

Too early you were outed from your crib and grew accustomed to a full size bed that you shared with your brother. You never came to snuggle with me in the middle of the night because you were scared; You had your brother to fight off the monster lurking under your bed. This year you started coming to snuggle, even if it is very infrequent. Sometimes you come because your brother is in the top bunk and you feel alone. I treasure these times, bubby. Even though you take up 3/4 of mommy's pillow and sling your arm over my face, I love that you come to snuggle with me. Soon you won't.

4 months ago, you came to me and asked to plan the deck-a-rations for your birthday. You crawled in my lap and we searched the computer until you decide what you wanted.

You love birthdays.

Last week you became so bossy telling me that I needed more decorations here and that there were not enough there. You love the icing, the cake, the balloons. YOU LOVE IT ALL. So happy that you got the love of celebrating life from me. So fun to see that at least 1 person backs me up in the crazy amount of balloons I want to blow up. There is really never a thing as too much stuff at a party.

You have such a HUGE love for your brother. You watch and study his every move and want to be just like him in every way. I have a feeling that this will continue for many, many years.

You have a friend. A very best friend.

You have this little dance you do. Most parents would probably find it obnoxious but your dad and I think it is a true side of your personality that so few see. You stand up, in your character underpants, turn around and sing, "I can shake my bottom. I can shake my bottom." Really precious and ALWAYS makes me giggle.

Your favorite meals are ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese, just like daddy.

You carry a Spiderman mask in your pocket sometimes and wore it once into the Y Kidzone this week and last week during Sesame Street Live to see Elmo in person. I love that you feel more comfortable as your alter ego. Someday I will long to see your red cape flying through the house instead of in the box I will keep it as you grow.

You will always be my superhero.

Happy 4th Birthday Goo! Mommy loves you so.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Diva Princess Emerges

Oh yes, I had been warned of the difference between little boys and girls. Believed it, yes, never understood it...UNTIL NOW!!!

I'm sure we all remember the first post of my little angel's sweet disposition and naughtiness from an incident in the not too distant past.

It was nice.

But the above face is one that I have seen frequently in the last few weeks. This, a select few of my lucky girlfriends can verify as they spoke to me on the phone while I shut myself in the closet as she screamed at me from the other side of the door for a Popsicle.

She's just precious.

So the Diva Princess has finally emerged in full force with phrases such as:

"I do myself!"

"Get way from me!"

"I need my Barbie princess!!!!!!"

"Leave me 'lone!!!!"

"He 'it me!!!!!"

and the ever lovely...... "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

I myself was an angelic child and had none of characteristics of a demanding princess.

She must get it from her father.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Love

Photos I was lucky to take of a sweet 5 day old princess, Adelyne.

Forget what huge miracles that God has created in such tiny packages.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Call me Stealth Ninja Runner

I am unbelievably, incredibly, jump out of my skin, exuding with excitement today.

Mondays are my running days, and this very Monday was the day that I ran further than I have EVER run without stopping.

3 miles

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't even believe it still.

I had been on this run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute thingy. Today for some reason at 4 minutes I didn't stop. "I just kept run-nig." As Forest says.

Last week in my crazy hard core/boot camp/kill me class, Missy, the instructor was talking about friends who would give anything to be able to workout, or run, or move in a way that our bodies could right now because of an illness or an inability. She said that it keeps her driven and motivated when she wants to stop, knowing that she can be active while her friends cannot.

Today, I had that picture in my head. An unbelievably beautiful sweet friend whose struggling with an unknown right now. Her face kept me going; kept me from stopping the run today.

The other face running through my head. My sister-in-law's, who is going to zoom passed me in our run coming up in April.

BUT, she's a runner.

I'm not.

Maybe someday.

Here's to setting a faster pace and not stopping.

Good day.

Unbelievable day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tough Topic

Last Monday, my Danno's grandmother passed away after finding out only 5 days earlier that she had acute leukemia and that it was not treatable.

We took the kids up to see her at the hospital. They were fine with all the monitors and cords and they filled the room with energy and noise. I was so scared sis would yank a cord from the wall in all of her bouciness, and a loud beeping would then ensue and a flood of nurses would storm in because my children were curious. But she didn't. Thank goodness.

Nan-na was in good spirits that day. She was able to communicate and talk to my kids amoungst all their boisterous energy. So thankful for that. 2 days later she was gone.

We had a discussion over whether to take the kids or not. Danno decided he wanted them to be there to play with cousins and other family. I wasn't really concerned about the babies. I knew they would never remember or question anything. But my J would know. He would ask. Dan talked to him because he has a way with words that I cannot explain. The door to our office opened after their talk and Jackson came out and sat down next to me. "Mommy? Nan-na died. Why?"

So hard. So very hard.

I explained to him that she was sick and how our bodies get older and are not able to fight disease like it used to when we are young and healthy. I said more. Not much more. Told him she had no pain and was with Jesus. He just quietly shook his head and left my side.

All I wanted to do was grab him and keep innocent. Oblivious to pain and death.

He prayed for her that night. I wish I could have witnessed that sweet innocent prayer that he said he prayed; that I could answer the questions that he wasn't asking me; that I would know what he felt.

I was dreading the day of the funeral for him, wanting to protect questioning eyes and thoughts. He said very little. Just observed and seemed very sad.

I think he aged 5 years that day. I know that questions are still to come when he's ready to ask us, and I pray that I have the wisdom and words to help him understand and not be frightened, but comforted.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1st Review of the Booty Shoes

So I'm on week #2 now of using the "Booty shoes" or the Reebok Easy tones.

Haven't heard of them?? Click here to see an advertisement. I'm giving you the less spicy version.

Initial reaction on day 1. Very comfy. Almost like walking on 2 pillows. Felt a little weird walking at first, but not really a big deal. Get on a cardio machine and after about 5 minutes I get the sensation like my shoes were tied too tight. Know that feeling? Just a little numbness or tingling in the ball of my feet. Ignored it and went on.

Day 2: Tried a class. A little cardio and balancing and weights. Same numb feeling and also a bit more shaking than normal as I tried to balance in lunging and some Pilate's stretches.

Days following, similar feelings. This to me means that something is going on. I'm having to concentrate more to balance and my body is having to work just a little harder. Today I ran in them. I was a little worried as I was afraid that I would fall or trip, not that I need the booty shoes to help me along in that area. Really, no different or more difficult than my regular running shoes and no noticiable balancing problems.

Rock On to that one.

So, something is going on when you wear them. I know that there's a fancy shamncy explanation that would explain it all, but really all I care about is that I don't feel like I wasted my money on a shoe that felt the same as every other tennis shoes I slipped on. In fact, they are incredibly more comfortable. So thumbs up so far Booty Shoes!!

Didn't take a before picture and even if I did I wouldn't post it for the world to see my backside. But I am very optimistic that they are improving my balance and making my muscles in my legs and backside work differently than they had before. We'll see in the next few weeks if the toosh is higher than it had been before the holiday. I'm sure Danno will let me know:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PJ's and Girlfriends

This year, as I turned 29 again, my girlie poos had a pj party to celebrate my ever regressing age. Amazing how that's working for me.

I'd like to share a little about each of these beauties if I may. J, on the left, listens to me whine, gripe and whine some more, then gently offers the counseling I need depending on the drama I'm usually experiencing. She has wisdom beyond her years and kindness that penetrates anything she touches. I love you J. Thank you for being incredible.

JAC, listens to me whine, gripe and whine some more. She's my work out buddy who sweats by my side weekly. I have missed her so much while I've been recovering. So glad she has come into my life these last few months. Love her and so excited to see our friendship grow.

Me, in the smack middle, who listens to me gripe and whine and pout.

Jess. My ever talented heart friend who listens to me whine, gripe and whine but tells me to shut up about it or do something. I love that about her. Don't we all need someone in our life who tells us how it is? I just love our daily texts and convos. Thought I was about to die when I couldn't speak to my sweet friend during the week that I was mute with drool. See below post. She would've loved to see that and document it with pictures. She loves me in all my freakish glory, with my self-diagnosed Web MD diseases and cancers. Thank you for being "my person".

And my L. She also listens to me whine, gripe and whine and ALWAYS laughs at my jokes. I love that about L. She always thinks I'm funny. Gives a huge boost to my ego. L is by far my most interesting friend who has led the most facinating life. I could listen to her tell me about her stories and experiences for hours. She is so giving and wonderful. AND she has over 500 + friends on Facebook. I'll never catch her. L went back to work this fall and I miss our lengthy afternoon chats. Love you girl! Thank you for being awesome.

A year ago I made this blog post. How far we've grown since then as girlfriends, heart friends.

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday this year girlies. Love you all more than you know.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


On December 29th, I had my tonsils removed for reasons I care not to share and am certain that you'd rather not hear. I had been told that it was horrendous to have them taken out as an adult. Awful. Excruciating. But I had went through some pretty horrible pain after the birth of our 2nd child and was pretty sure I could handle it.

Let me say this about my recovery. It is lasting FOREVER!!! I am so stir crazy I can not even wait to blow out of this popsicle joint and see the girls at the gym and chat with mommies in the halls at church.

First, let's talk about the surgery.

Pretty much what I expected. Get there, sign in, no make-up, no jewelry, blah blah. Nurse. Check. Doc. Check. Anesthesiologist. Check. Wheeling me into the surgery and all sorts of things start to come out.

I chit chat with the nurse as she tries to ease the typical fear that patients have. Didn't have those. She asks me what I do in my spare time. Mommy, work out, etc. "Oh honey, no working out for a while for you. There are lots of blood vessels or arteries or something that we have as adults in our tonsil area and if you start bouncing around, they could burst and you could bleed to death." Nice. No one mentioned this to me. Would've pranced right into my 9:30 Body Design class, started the mountain climbers and then fell on the floor with blood gushing out my mouth as Hanna continues to kick every one's tails in cardio. So no working out for 14 days or so and slowly ease back. Got it.

But then... they begin strapping me in with this enormous black belt. WAIT A MINUTE!! This is a tonsillectomy. What kind of procedure do you have me signed up for exactly?? Are you removing part of my brain?? Wheres Mc Dreamy?

Knocked out. Wake up. Oh yeah. There it is. The extreme sore throat that continues to hang around and will be here for another few. Fun.

My girl was there long enough to see me ask for a vomit bucket and more pain meds before I pass out again. Lovely. Thanks for not taking the blackmail pictures. Can't promise the same if the roles are reversed someday.

The pain has been bad. Not gonna lie. Not as bad as baby number 2's birth. As you can see, I have been on liquid Lortab. 3 bottles and resisting the urge to call and ask for the 4th. Some days I can't even tell I took the pain meds. That's pretty bad.
AND there was that tiny little thing that happened on day 2 post. My uvula had swollen 10 time the normal size. Not surprised that this happened to me since all of the discusting freakish things usually do. Pretty much felt like my thoat was closed seeing as how each time I took a drink, water would dribble out the sides of my mouth and down the front of my shirt like a psych patient. Very glamorous.

AND the not talking. ABOUT TO KILL ME. Wasn't really expecting that one either. I can maybe limit myself to a 15 minute phone convo and that's really pushing it.

AND I missed a week of Christmas break with my kiddos and hubby because I was passed out. Would've rather been watching movies and playing the Wii with my Jackson.

Heard enough whining yet?? There is more than one postive.

1- I have a refound apprecaiton/love again for Food network, more so, Racheal Ray. She is fun. Why do some people hate her. Everyone, let's not hate Rachael Ray because of her fun-ness. She's likable and I like likable people.

2-I have felt so surrounded in love by some friends from church. They took our son to keep him from being bored. They brought my family meals nightly so they wouldn't have to run out for fast food every night. They called, texted, and laid cards on my front porch to make sure we were doing well and making it. THANK YOU LORD FOR LOVED ONES.

3- My parents who came up for a few days to cart the kids around, do laundry, dishes and take Jackson to spend Christmas money at Wal-mart to buy the new Ben-10 Legos. Thank you for driving 2 hours for that.

4- My husband is a dream. My wonderful, who woke up to give me meds in the middle of the night, who took care of me, who took care of our kids, and made sure that I was ok that first week home. I love you sweet. You're amazing.

It has been awful. Hopefully it will all be over soon and all be chattering like my old self in no time.