Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PJ's and Girlfriends

This year, as I turned 29 again, my girlie poos had a pj party to celebrate my ever regressing age. Amazing how that's working for me.

I'd like to share a little about each of these beauties if I may. J, on the left, listens to me whine, gripe and whine some more, then gently offers the counseling I need depending on the drama I'm usually experiencing. She has wisdom beyond her years and kindness that penetrates anything she touches. I love you J. Thank you for being incredible.

JAC, listens to me whine, gripe and whine some more. She's my work out buddy who sweats by my side weekly. I have missed her so much while I've been recovering. So glad she has come into my life these last few months. Love her and so excited to see our friendship grow.

Me, in the smack middle, who listens to me gripe and whine and pout.

Jess. My ever talented heart friend who listens to me whine, gripe and whine but tells me to shut up about it or do something. I love that about her. Don't we all need someone in our life who tells us how it is? I just love our daily texts and convos. Thought I was about to die when I couldn't speak to my sweet friend during the week that I was mute with drool. See below post. She would've loved to see that and document it with pictures. She loves me in all my freakish glory, with my self-diagnosed Web MD diseases and cancers. Thank you for being "my person".

And my L. She also listens to me whine, gripe and whine and ALWAYS laughs at my jokes. I love that about L. She always thinks I'm funny. Gives a huge boost to my ego. L is by far my most interesting friend who has led the most facinating life. I could listen to her tell me about her stories and experiences for hours. She is so giving and wonderful. AND she has over 500 + friends on Facebook. I'll never catch her. L went back to work this fall and I miss our lengthy afternoon chats. Love you girl! Thank you for being awesome.

A year ago I made this blog post. How far we've grown since then as girlfriends, heart friends.

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday this year girlies. Love you all more than you know.


Jess said...

Awwww! How sweet! I didn't realize we were that good of friends! Hahahaha, joking, I love being your person and having you be mine! So wonderful, believe it or not, you actually got me a bit choked up, just a bit. :)

Oh, and I was totally flattered and then I saw that you think Les is your most interesting friend! What the heck! I'm pretty dang interesting. I didn't grow up in Brazil or go to school be taking a boat on the Amazon, but I did walk a quarter of a mile in the wind and snow to catch the bus to drive to school! And I had a dog named Skippy, like the peanut butter! :)

I'm rambling...

Love you!

Doug and Brandi said...

Sweet post Serena, aren't friends the best? Happy 29 again! Doug is 30 this year too, and wanting to take a trip or something for it. I think I'll suggest a pajama party, pretty sure his friends would like that!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...Serena!!!!!!!! I just now am seeing this post and it's making me want to cry!!!!! You are so sweet and I love you tons...I really, really miss you and wish we could see more of eachother!!! boat rides on the amazon sooooooooo trump your walk to school!!!! lol YOu are hilarious...


Anonymous said...

I hope your friendships last as long as several of mine have, 35years, 26years, and 22years, and counting.
That's how long I have been friends with my three best Christian friends.
I can vouch for my daughter, Jessica, that she will stand by you that long.
Janet Dreher