Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The choker and the dreamer

So Maddox has discovered that he can make this new noise...a choking noise and then erupting with mounds of uncontrollable contagious laughter over the noises he has just made. Jackson is so paranoid about it that he keeps running to me yelling for me to make Maddox stop. Not only did it give me minor heart attack the 1st time I heard him do it, it makes me realize that my little man is beginning to show his true personality as a little onery jokester. He has also begun to say phrases like, "Oh man" and "Come on Jackson!!!". We have begun to pick up several other sentences that I know he has been saying for a while but we haven't been able to understand until recently. He is absolutely a crack-up right now and I just can't help but squeeze him silly sometimes. I love this challenging age and relish in the time that little man is discovering himself and how he can communicate with the world around him.

Jackson of late has been very inquisitive. Surprise, he is 5!!! Since the movie Enchanted came out, questions of true love and magic have filled our days and evenings. Something so cute. He is forever singing and dancing, but there is a song in the new Disney fairy tale called "Ever, Ever After". He has played this over and over and over... singing and memorizing the lyrics. I will forever and ever remember peeking into the toy room watching him sing about true love and a princess.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Invasion of the white rabbit

We had such a fun Easter weekend. Everyone got all dressed in our pretties for church on Saturday night and mommy could not resist taking pictures of everyone before the kiddos got all sticky. Daddy was playing for praise team, so we were accompanied by mamm-aw to a wonderful and uplifting service at church. At home we colored eggs and carefully laid them in our baskets in preparation for the Easter bunny's arrival. Jackson kept pushing me out of the bedroom so they could go to sleep so "the Easter" could come. Sunday morning the chillins ran into the living room bright and early making a beeline for all of the goodies that the big white rabbit left them. We had an egg hunt with the "smelly"eggs before we had the "big" hunt in the afternoon with daddy. A little chilly, Jackson and Maddox ran around the backyard yelling and grabbing for treat filled eggs. We relaxed in the afternoon by playing Wii and watching a little Enchanted and Ratatouille.

Jelly beans and gummies are scattered everywhere along with the heaping bowlful of chocolates that sit in the middle of the kitchen ready for grabby sticky hands. What a perfect and fun filled weekend. Hope yours was as sugar filled as ours :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maddox's 2nd Birthday

My sweet baby goobley turned 2 years old on Thursday of last week. We celebrated his special day by going to the zoo to see animals and to play on the super fun play yard. After running all over the zoo and playing too long on the play set, we met daddy for lunch for nuggets and fries at Mcdonald's. Maddox could hardly keep his eyes open on the trip home he was so exhausted from all of this big boy birthday fun.

Saturday, we celebrated with friends and family at home with a Little Einstein's themed party. Maddox received lots of wonderful gifts and couldn't wait to get any of them out of the box!! In true 2 year old form, after opening one gift it had to be taken out of the plastic to hold on to right away before opening the next present, or a fit was soon to come. So tough being 2!

He has enjoyed playing with all of his new things including his train table and Thomas the Train set! He slept with 2 train cars last night, holding on so tight that I doubt they fell out of his hands while he slept. He and brother awoke this morning to play with trains before daybreak and before mommy and daddy awoke! Choo-choo!
Happy birthday big boy! We love you soooooooooooo much!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Red light, green light

Not allot going on today since the wind outside is blowing 100 mph and chaps your face the minute you walk outside. Unable to play outside, the boys and I decided to play red light, green light while sis was down for nappers. Running and freezing like statues through the living room, we all took turns being the light. Maddox was so funny, only taking his turn at the light for a second before running back to the other end of the room to make a running leap at mama. Mama seemed to be the most fun at jumping and tagging, seeing as how I ended up on the floor countless times, covered by my sweet little stinkers! I am sure I will have a few battle scars to show for it come tomorrow. We laughed and played and tackled until our stomachs ached. I love those laughs and I love today!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Seasame Street Live

Yesterday, we made our yearly trip to Sesame Street Live. Everyone had tons of fun, dancing, clapping and singing to the songs on Sesame Street. I think sis even enjoyed the bright lights and songs. Of course we had to buy the spinny light up thing and a souvenir Big Bird to remember our day. After the show, we all made the LONG trek through a very windy, very chilly, and VERY rainy thunderstorm to reach the car. After sitting down in the car warming up and drying off, Jackson loudly said, "That rain needs to stop." Despite the rain and wind, we had a fun family outing to the show.
This morning, Jackson had a slew of things to tell papa about, of course the highlight was the show, "When Elmo grows up". Usually I don't pay much attention to the rattelings of my 5 year old to his papa, but I did overhear the comment,"If you think of something in your mind that you wanna be when you grow up, papa, then that's what you can be. I wanna be a baseball player." See, easy...