Sunday, March 23, 2008

Invasion of the white rabbit

We had such a fun Easter weekend. Everyone got all dressed in our pretties for church on Saturday night and mommy could not resist taking pictures of everyone before the kiddos got all sticky. Daddy was playing for praise team, so we were accompanied by mamm-aw to a wonderful and uplifting service at church. At home we colored eggs and carefully laid them in our baskets in preparation for the Easter bunny's arrival. Jackson kept pushing me out of the bedroom so they could go to sleep so "the Easter" could come. Sunday morning the chillins ran into the living room bright and early making a beeline for all of the goodies that the big white rabbit left them. We had an egg hunt with the "smelly"eggs before we had the "big" hunt in the afternoon with daddy. A little chilly, Jackson and Maddox ran around the backyard yelling and grabbing for treat filled eggs. We relaxed in the afternoon by playing Wii and watching a little Enchanted and Ratatouille.

Jelly beans and gummies are scattered everywhere along with the heaping bowlful of chocolates that sit in the middle of the kitchen ready for grabby sticky hands. What a perfect and fun filled weekend. Hope yours was as sugar filled as ours :)

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