Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The choker and the dreamer

So Maddox has discovered that he can make this new noise...a choking noise and then erupting with mounds of uncontrollable contagious laughter over the noises he has just made. Jackson is so paranoid about it that he keeps running to me yelling for me to make Maddox stop. Not only did it give me minor heart attack the 1st time I heard him do it, it makes me realize that my little man is beginning to show his true personality as a little onery jokester. He has also begun to say phrases like, "Oh man" and "Come on Jackson!!!". We have begun to pick up several other sentences that I know he has been saying for a while but we haven't been able to understand until recently. He is absolutely a crack-up right now and I just can't help but squeeze him silly sometimes. I love this challenging age and relish in the time that little man is discovering himself and how he can communicate with the world around him.

Jackson of late has been very inquisitive. Surprise, he is 5!!! Since the movie Enchanted came out, questions of true love and magic have filled our days and evenings. Something so cute. He is forever singing and dancing, but there is a song in the new Disney fairy tale called "Ever, Ever After". He has played this over and over and over... singing and memorizing the lyrics. I will forever and ever remember peeking into the toy room watching him sing about true love and a princess.

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The Daniel Family said...

How sweet those little men are! I love the part about Jackson, he will be a heart-breaker soon, and every girl will swoon! Hope all is well...hugs and kisses to all!