Monday, March 3, 2008

Seasame Street Live

Yesterday, we made our yearly trip to Sesame Street Live. Everyone had tons of fun, dancing, clapping and singing to the songs on Sesame Street. I think sis even enjoyed the bright lights and songs. Of course we had to buy the spinny light up thing and a souvenir Big Bird to remember our day. After the show, we all made the LONG trek through a very windy, very chilly, and VERY rainy thunderstorm to reach the car. After sitting down in the car warming up and drying off, Jackson loudly said, "That rain needs to stop." Despite the rain and wind, we had a fun family outing to the show.
This morning, Jackson had a slew of things to tell papa about, of course the highlight was the show, "When Elmo grows up". Usually I don't pay much attention to the rattelings of my 5 year old to his papa, but I did overhear the comment,"If you think of something in your mind that you wanna be when you grow up, papa, then that's what you can be. I wanna be a baseball player." See, easy...

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The Daniel Family said...

It sounds like you guys have been busy having lots of fun! Landon and Claire are missing the kiddos, so give them some love from both of them! Talk soon!