Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a great pic of sis that I took. Thought I'd share....

VBS and Day Camp week

Last week was VBS and Day Camp for the kiddos at church. This was Jackson's first year at Day Camp which was held at Eberly Farms. The kids got to praise Jesus everyday in a camp like setting, while making new friends and learning about God's word. I felt a little at ease because I knew Jackson's camp leader and had told her of his lack of swimming ability despite my frantic rush for swim lessons at the Y the last couple of months. So you can imagine my surprise and heightened anxiety when I went to pick him up the first day and he plops in the truck telling me that he went off the slide into the deep end without taking the swim test and also got lost the second he stepped off the bus onto the camp grounds. This is my BABY!!!!! He what???? He seemed to take it all in stride and not care much about getting lost and completely thought I was over reacting about the deep end thing. But that is my Jackson. Laid back, no big thing,mom, Jackson. Where did my baby go??? Well, I got over it and am slowly letting go. He had a GREAT time at camp and is talking constantly about how indestructible and undefeatable our GOD is. He is such a wonderful little boy, my Jackson.
Maddox. Well, you know goobley. It takes him a few days to warm up, but once he does, he has a GREAT time. He made boat loads of crafts and proudly sported his VBS shirt each day. He was in the same group as his "one and only lady", miss Aubrynn. He now sings to all his songs in the car and demands that no one else sing but him.
Sis went to the nursery class that she commands each week. No big surprise there.
Mommy worked her tail off serving snacks, no a daily buffet, to all the hard working volunteers that help make the week possible. I'm fairly certain that I gained a few, which I am feeling this week on my cardio.
All in all, a great but exhausting week. So grateful that our church hosts such an event that tells all the kids about Jesus. There had to be 500 + children involved. Truly, a blessing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun with Cousins

Recently, the kiddos and I got to watch my baby nephews, separately of course, while their mommies and daddies were working hard earning a paycheck while we we busy having fun. Little Levi, is such a character. He is constantly smiling and playing and Sis would NEVER leave him alone. Poor little guy I know must've been exhausted after being mauled and tackled from kisses by our little princess. He is absolutely a little doll with his precious belly laughs and ornery faces.

Maddox seemed to really take to Elijah, the most mellow laid back child I think on the face of the planet. Little Eli has Mommy and Daddy completely spoiled, as he hardly ever makes a peep. Maddox played with him, proud to show him his cars and Little People play sets, which he stuck each animal in his mouth to ease those sweet teething little gums. We played outside and sat in the shade enjoying a gorgeous day.

Although these little guys are both so fun and cuddly right now, I can't wait for picnics in the park, days running through our zoo, and hot afternoons splashing away in the pool. I possibly could attempt these things now, but how fun it will be when everyone is a little more mobile. Thanks Joey and Bekah and Cassi and Justin for some fun times with these precious little guys.