Friday, April 17, 2009

Sickfest 2009

We are currently on day 11 of our puking, diarrhea, nausea sickfest that we caught from church nursery, and seem to be ready to kick it. Lasting minimum 5 days, we had to cancel our Easter plans and so so sadly cancel our much anticipated trip to KC Great Wolf Lodge trip with the Daniel family to lay on the couch, in mommy's lap or whatever surface we could make it to. Wretched I tell you!!! Luckily, Ranno and Jackson bypassed the bug somehow and stayed healthy. So, as much as I love the walls in our home, I cannot wait to break out of this popsicle joint for some play.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still Experiencing Firsts

As Jackson gets bigger and more grown up, we are having fewer and fewer firsts. Although Goo and Sis still have a large share of first time happenings, we did all of those before with bubby. Not that they are any less special, thrilling, or fun, they are just not the first time Danno and I have experienced them as parents.
The last 2 weeks have been fairly exciting for Jackson. He lost his 1st tooth, which he proudly got $1.00 for from the tooth fairy in his new Transformer tooth pillow. He took it out so nonchalantly. "No big thing mom, really." He came into my bedroom one Sunday evening during Desperate Housewives, said he was ready for it to come out, I showed him how to twist it, and there it was. No big thing. No whims or tears about the blood at all. Such a big boy, my handsome.
Last week at our small group at church, Jackson received another first, his first black eye. He and another little boy we running in the play area known as the Ballpark. They collided and the shiner was the result. He cried that evening right after it happened, but then was so excited about it. Running to the bathroom the next morning to check his face to see if his eye had actually turned black, and each second it seemed of the afternoon following the collision. After realizing that each time he left the bathroom disappointed that it wasn't "black" yet, we had a pow-wow about what the term "black eye" meant. Sadly, his eye was not going to be completely black like an alien or some Marvel super villian, just a little bruising. Obviously very heart breaking for our 6 year old.
So, even though Jackson's first are coming less and less and as he grows to our sweet boy, we still have some excitement over the first time things that are not so joyous.