Friday, April 17, 2009

Sickfest 2009

We are currently on day 11 of our puking, diarrhea, nausea sickfest that we caught from church nursery, and seem to be ready to kick it. Lasting minimum 5 days, we had to cancel our Easter plans and so so sadly cancel our much anticipated trip to KC Great Wolf Lodge trip with the Daniel family to lay on the couch, in mommy's lap or whatever surface we could make it to. Wretched I tell you!!! Luckily, Ranno and Jackson bypassed the bug somehow and stayed healthy. So, as much as I love the walls in our home, I cannot wait to break out of this popsicle joint for some play.

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The Daniel Family said...

So glad you guys are on the mend! We'll get to KC sometime! Your pics are always. Kiss those babies for us!