Thursday, February 28, 2008


Something so funny that Jackson did last night...

Our homepage on our computer is the KSN website. Jackson runs into the family room yelling, "Mom, there is really big news right now. There is a hole in the wall and somebody is stealing!!" He then got a little distracted by something and about 10 minutes later he runs in again,"Mom, you need to come look quick about the big news. Hurry. you're gonna miss it!" I asked him where he heard about this and he said on the computer at the place where dad works. "ya know the one with all the circle colors"(NBC logo). I then go in to the office where the KSN website is pulled up. He clicks on the streaming video where there is "breaking news" of a local man stealing copper pipe through a crawl space and was then trapped inside by the home owner. After withholding my giggles and awe that my smarty pants had figured out how to watch live streaming video on the local NBC affliate's website, we talked about stealing and that it is a bad thing that we should never do. My little man has already begun to be excited and interested in the news at the mature age of 5! A future anchorman for sure.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Star of the Week

This week at preschool, Jackson was the "Star of the Week". He got to bring home, Kitty, the class mascot to spend last weekend at our home. Kitty went shopping, out to breakfast, and sat in the front of the shopping cart at the grocery store. She also helped Jackson make a special card for his brother's upcoming birthday. On Monday, Kitty went back to school and Jackson became the Star of his class this week. He is allowed to bring show and tell everyday and he also brought special treats for snack today...donuts!!!!
Dan and I also had our very first parent/teacher conference. Don't ask me how many times I almost cried that my baby was even big enough to have a parent/teacher conference! Listening to his teacher explain how smart Jackson is and how prepared he is for kindergarten next year, I could not help but think how I blinked and my little man is going to school. Sometimes I want to scream, "Don't grow up" and "Please stay little forever so I can hug and kiss you and forever act silly together". (Really, am I ever gonna stop any of those things...nope!) Ahh, my sweet baby boy is growing up and I will be a wreck come next fall. Weepy and mopey that my 1st of 3 has left me to have fun with friends at school. Boo - hoo!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Sweetie Day

I love Valentines Day!! No different than any other day, I use I Love You Day as an excuse to shower all my babies with even more kisses and lovins! Yesterday, Jackson had his Valentines party at preschool , receiving a load of goodies and cards from friends. Couldn't help but sneak into his classroom for a few snapshots during snacktime.

This morning my little sugars awoke to a bag full of candy surprises from mommy and daddy along with a few fun books to read before night-night. Needless to say, my little sweeties are on sugar overload!!!

Our little Goobley (Maddox), has really started to speak clearer in the last few weeks. A few cute things he has said lately.

-In the bath after I rinse his hair... "Toul"

-Slamming his hand on the refridgerator... "Ju"

-At nap, yelling..."booh" and then looking at the pictures, yelling "bye ma"

-Unwrapping gifts... "go trow ay" and running to the trash. This one Dan and I are extremely proud of.

Enjoy a few cute pics taken over the last few days...and I could post at least 10 more:)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tiny Girl and the Da-tar

Little miss had her 6 month visit to see the Doctor this morning and she weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs 12oz and 24 inches long, still safely staying in the 5th percentile for both. My tiny girl eats wonderfully and loves eating fruits and veggies now, she must stay so tiny from all those smiles and giggles :)
So... our new hobby at the house is playing "Guitar Hero", which Maddox loves to yell DA-TAR!!!!!! Little cutie can say few things that we can actually understand but we all know what he means when he asks to play "Da-Tar". He has a little Leap Frog guitar, which he got for Christmas from Grampa Joe, that he digs out every time he, Jackson, and daddy want to ROCK! Jackson and he also enjoy dancing and tackleing each other to the music while daddy plays. Fun stuff to do while it is still cool and dark outside in the evenings.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun with friends

This past weekend our tribe made a jaunt to visit the Daniel family, our friends in Arkansas. We all had soo much fun!!!! Claire, age 4 (my future daughter-in-law), and Jackson were joined at the hip from arrival , playing dress-up, art projects and watching movies. Landon, age 2 (the most beautiful brown eyes on earth), and Maddox had a blast playing with Landon's awesome train set and running through the Daniel home.

Friday, we all made a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. What a fun place to be. Jackson and Claire kept the play place/slide busy, while mommies and daddies chased the little ones from fun game to even funner game. After a bit, the bigger boys, Geoff and Danno disappered playing video games themselves!!! Afterall, it is "where a kid can be a kid"!

Saturday, we spent some time at their beautiful outdoor mall. The kiddos made cute cuddlies at the Build-a-Bear workshop before moms and dads did a little bit of shopping. Amidst the shopping, Jackson leans over to me and whispers wide eyed and very serious, " I asked Claire to marry me mommy". For those of you who do not know the ongoing saga of love between Jackson and Claire, they have been betrothed to marriage since birth. Jackson and I will look at pictures of the Daniels and he will say dreamily, "Oh mommy, isn't she so beautiful? I am going to marry her one day when I am 25." I have countless pictures of the two of them hugging and kissing. It is absolutely the sweetest thing.

Good times, good company, and good friends. We are so thankful to have such special friends in our life who we can share and have fun times with. Dan and I had such a wonderful time catching up and making memories with our friends and know that many more memories our bound to come.