Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maddox's 2nd Birthday

My sweet baby goobley turned 2 years old on Thursday of last week. We celebrated his special day by going to the zoo to see animals and to play on the super fun play yard. After running all over the zoo and playing too long on the play set, we met daddy for lunch for nuggets and fries at Mcdonald's. Maddox could hardly keep his eyes open on the trip home he was so exhausted from all of this big boy birthday fun.

Saturday, we celebrated with friends and family at home with a Little Einstein's themed party. Maddox received lots of wonderful gifts and couldn't wait to get any of them out of the box!! In true 2 year old form, after opening one gift it had to be taken out of the plastic to hold on to right away before opening the next present, or a fit was soon to come. So tough being 2!

He has enjoyed playing with all of his new things including his train table and Thomas the Train set! He slept with 2 train cars last night, holding on so tight that I doubt they fell out of his hands while he slept. He and brother awoke this morning to play with trains before daybreak and before mommy and daddy awoke! Choo-choo!
Happy birthday big boy! We love you soooooooooooo much!


The Daniel Family said...

Looks like lots of fun was had for the big boy! Give him birthday kisses for us! Best wishes on your next year of growing!!!

Joey said...

Bekah and I had an awesome time. It is always fun to see the kids grow up and of course have some good cooking. Ava looked cute as can be and Maddox was his normal independent self. It is really neat to see how each kid has a different personality. Jackson really seems to be growing up. It is hard to pick on Maddox though because I am never sure what his reaction will Again, thanks for the invite and we look forward to more good times! We love you guys!