Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1st Review of the Booty Shoes

So I'm on week #2 now of using the "Booty shoes" or the Reebok Easy tones.

Haven't heard of them?? Click here to see an advertisement. I'm giving you the less spicy version.

Initial reaction on day 1. Very comfy. Almost like walking on 2 pillows. Felt a little weird walking at first, but not really a big deal. Get on a cardio machine and after about 5 minutes I get the sensation like my shoes were tied too tight. Know that feeling? Just a little numbness or tingling in the ball of my feet. Ignored it and went on.

Day 2: Tried a class. A little cardio and balancing and weights. Same numb feeling and also a bit more shaking than normal as I tried to balance in lunging and some Pilate's stretches.

Days following, similar feelings. This to me means that something is going on. I'm having to concentrate more to balance and my body is having to work just a little harder. Today I ran in them. I was a little worried as I was afraid that I would fall or trip, not that I need the booty shoes to help me along in that area. Really, no different or more difficult than my regular running shoes and no noticiable balancing problems.

Rock On to that one.

So, something is going on when you wear them. I know that there's a fancy shamncy explanation that would explain it all, but really all I care about is that I don't feel like I wasted my money on a shoe that felt the same as every other tennis shoes I slipped on. In fact, they are incredibly more comfortable. So thumbs up so far Booty Shoes!!

Didn't take a before picture and even if I did I wouldn't post it for the world to see my backside. But I am very optimistic that they are improving my balance and making my muscles in my legs and backside work differently than they had before. We'll see in the next few weeks if the toosh is higher than it had been before the holiday. I'm sure Danno will let me know:)


The Daniel Family said...

Glad to hear it...not that you need ANY help looking hot, girl!!!! I like living vicariously through you when it comes to the booty shoes; way less work for me and you are much more endearing and cute than I ever would be! Hope all is well in your part of the world! Claire just asked yesterday if she would EVER get to see Jackson again! I told her we would have to set up a time soon!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Classic way to put it!! I cannot wait to hear how good they work!! Now do you think they would help say me....Who has NO booty LOL!!!