Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Goobley-Goo

Today, you turn 4 years old sweet Goo and I cannot believe the changes I have seen this past year as you now grow into the ornery little boy that we see every day.

You have an addiction to fruit snacks and candy. You would rather have a box of sugar from the store than a toy I think, which makes me wonder exactly what kind of sugary narcotic is in them. I use them as bribery and "positive reinforcement" to get responsive behavior. Please don't fault me for doing this.

Too early you were outed from your crib and grew accustomed to a full size bed that you shared with your brother. You never came to snuggle with me in the middle of the night because you were scared; You had your brother to fight off the monster lurking under your bed. This year you started coming to snuggle, even if it is very infrequent. Sometimes you come because your brother is in the top bunk and you feel alone. I treasure these times, bubby. Even though you take up 3/4 of mommy's pillow and sling your arm over my face, I love that you come to snuggle with me. Soon you won't.

4 months ago, you came to me and asked to plan the deck-a-rations for your birthday. You crawled in my lap and we searched the computer until you decide what you wanted.

You love birthdays.

Last week you became so bossy telling me that I needed more decorations here and that there were not enough there. You love the icing, the cake, the balloons. YOU LOVE IT ALL. So happy that you got the love of celebrating life from me. So fun to see that at least 1 person backs me up in the crazy amount of balloons I want to blow up. There is really never a thing as too much stuff at a party.

You have such a HUGE love for your brother. You watch and study his every move and want to be just like him in every way. I have a feeling that this will continue for many, many years.

You have a friend. A very best friend.

You have this little dance you do. Most parents would probably find it obnoxious but your dad and I think it is a true side of your personality that so few see. You stand up, in your character underpants, turn around and sing, "I can shake my bottom. I can shake my bottom." Really precious and ALWAYS makes me giggle.

Your favorite meals are ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese, just like daddy.

You carry a Spiderman mask in your pocket sometimes and wore it once into the Y Kidzone this week and last week during Sesame Street Live to see Elmo in person. I love that you feel more comfortable as your alter ego. Someday I will long to see your red cape flying through the house instead of in the box I will keep it as you grow.

You will always be my superhero.

Happy 4th Birthday Goo! Mommy loves you so.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

AWWW that is SO sweet Seeny!! You made me catch a tear LOL!!! He absolutely sounds like an awesome little man!!! He is very lucky to have the family he does!!

ps~ I sure hope you post some pictures of your great balloon adventures ;) Seriously I want to see LOL!!

Doug and Brandi said...

Don't you just love little superhero's? They don't get any cuter than that!

The Daniel Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet, little man. You are growing much too fast!

Jess said...

Oh sweet Goo, we love you so. Such a wonderful little guy, so glad he'll one day be my son-in-law.