Monday, June 23, 2008

A week in paradise

Last week, Danno and I celebrated 10 years in the most beautiful paradise on earth...St. Lucia. This place is amazingly spectacular, taking my breath away each time I turned around. We had a small house, set amongst the most beautiful vegetation, in the midst of an amazing rain forest. Stepping out onto our patio we had our own little plunge pool, comeplete with lounge chairs and full room service, between 2 spectacular piton mountains. We had such a wonderful time together experiencing "maximum chill" by laying on the beach, having wonderful dinners, and watching the most beautiful sunsets on earth. We loafed most of the time, spending most days laying in the sun with some fruity drink in hand. It is so relaxing to let time just pass around you being lazy when you are with the person you love so much.

Last Thursday we renewed our vows alongside a breathtaking sunset on the beach with the waves crashing at our toes. I think I cried more at this wedding than at the first one! I am talking ... the ugly cry, unable to speak cry. It was incredibly moving and emotional for us both and solidified how special what we have together is. We then had a a dinner right on the beach with our own personal waiter and chef, surrounded by torches and lanterns with the sound of water and the beauty of 2 beautiful mountains. It was the most amazing day and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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