Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rebirth of guitar hero

Ya know how you play a game over and over that you get sick of it? That is how it was with us and Guitar Hero. We played the game so much that after sore hands and frustration with not being able to pass the next level, we gave up on playing the "Guitar" for awhile.

Over the holiday weekend, we had friends over for some grillin' and chillin'. Of course, Jackson wanted to show off some of his mad skills on Mario Kart Wii, but before, we broke out some Guitar Hero. I have come to the conclusion , that i should just play the easy level, so I can dance while I play instead of getting frustrated with the extra "far" buttons. Much more fun!! We continued our guitar playing the following evening and these pics were the result. The boys living it up and dancin' like crazy to "Barracuda" and "Slow Ride. Now that the excitement is back in the Shurtz house, we can't wait for the Aerosmith version to be released!!!

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The Daniel Family said...

Those dancing boys are looking GOOD! Sounds like you'll have a busy summer! Miss ya!