Sunday, August 10, 2008

Princess turns 1

On 8-8-08 my precious baby girl turned 1 year old. We celebrated that morning with our traditional birthday breakfast, which is a waffle with a candle in the center. We later went to the park for a picnic lunch and some playtime. We had a beautiful August day,(88 degrees if that is possible) to enjoy by the water with nana and papa, up from Oklahoma. Mommy spent most of the rest of the afternoon and evening pinkifying the house with balloons and streamers and twirlly doo dads, making the home fit for our fairy princess on her special party day. A first for us, began at 9:00 the eve of her party. Friends had talked me into making the princess her special cake instead of buying one at the bakery. Was I crazy to take on one more thing??? If you know me, "YES!!!". I must say, it turned out beautiful, thanks to my friend, the fabulous Traci House, and oober-doober tasty, thanks the the wonderful me. Just that extra special touch for the kids on their more than special day. So a new birthday tradition has begun, making the cake...
The party was spent at our home with family and friends, celebrating our special little girl. Princess Ava received a stackful of beautiful clothes, fit for the little diva baby that she is. She now also has a princess tiara and sparkly bracelet to wear on outings, social functions, or ruling over her jester brothers at they entertain her every whim at her fairy princess castle.

Happy birthday baby princess. We all love you so much!

oh, and if you're wondering...I completed her book the day before the royal event. Just in the nick of time!!!


The Daniel Family said...

Where did the time go??? Darling party, and a beautiful birthday girl. Give her lots of love from us all, especially Claire who was in awe of the party decor (and missing her boyfriend)!

Dawnie said...

awwww, happy birthday, Ava! She is soooo precious!