Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Sweet Boy

I have spent so much time talking about Ava's birthday and Jackson going to kindergarten, I thought it was time to share a little about how big my sweet goobley has become. He has asked about Jackson each day after we drop him off at school. "Where Dackon mommy? He chool?". Today, after dropping off my sweet big boy, the babies and I went out shopping to do some exchanges and kill some time before being back at the elementary school in 3 hours. He was such a big boy today. Staying beside the cart, not complaining while riding in the stroller, and talking up a storm. When we all go shopping together, it seems like he wants to be like brother and walk, not ride in the stroller with lil sis. Today, with all of the Little Einstein's characters accompanying us, he was on such good behavior and asking such questions, all of which I could understand!! He grew up overnight! I kept telling him over and over how proud mommy was of him and what a big boy he was to be so kind and let mommy shop. I could almost see the proud little grin in his eyes saying, "I am a big boy like my brother". I feel as if these positive affirmations and uplifting words are making such a difference in his demeanor, language, and overall behavior. All my babies are growing up! I have always said that every age is my favorite; always the most rewarding. But I am so proud of my sweet Maddox and how far he has come, turning into quite the little man.
If you are wondering, each day is getting better for me. Although I find my heart break each day a little more watching Jackson's backpack disappear behind the glass doors of the school, I am thankful to spend the time with my 2 other babies and help them grow into the wonderful little people that their brother is. I cannot say enough how much I love all my babies and how I want to freeze time and make them stay little forever; Even though I know that isn't quite possible, I am trying to soak up every minute of their sweetness and to never let them forget how much they mean to their mommy.

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The Daniel Family said...

Sounds like the little man is taking over the BIG BRO spot while Jackson is away. Good times and good memories...I love reading about it! Hugs to all!