Friday, August 29, 2008

Toofers, Passy's, and Silliness

Finally, our little princess' toofers have broken through! After many cranky and painful days and nights, 3 more teeth appeared through the gum line in Ava's tiny little mouth. One more on the bottom center, and 2 center top ones. No wonder she was such a cranker puss, those teeth were hurting my baby princess! Now maybe we'll be good for awhile...

Maddox, as most of us know is obsessed with the "piderman"!! He found a spiderman stocking cap and 1 lone glove laying around in their bedroom. He comes to me, both in hand, and says, "Mom, Mom. Put on!" For the last hour and a half he has been wearing this spiderman/Michael Jackson 1 glove get-up, looking ooberly

Every now and then I go for a passy-hunt, looking for all of the randomly thrown pacifiers that have been strewn around the
house to be kicked and hidden under furniture, in couch cushions, and in any nook and cranny that can be discovered. While searching the basement, I placed sissy's passy's in a small pile on the table. After collecting, I found Ava on the floor, amidst them all, choosing just the right one to pass the time!!!

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The Daniel Family said...

So glad the teefers have shown themselves... and that passy's are still a good past time! Your littlest man does the cutest things...I love it!!!