Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why does he have to grow up???

I should've known today was going to be bad when I began crying over the Wal-mart commercial for school supplies. But today was so much harder than I thought it would be. Harder admitting that everyday from now, I will be taking my baby somewhere to let someone else teach him how to become better, smarter, kinder and all the things that I have worked hard at teaching him. He still needs me right???

Walking away from the school out to the car, Maddox yelling and wailing,"I want Jackson!! I want Jackson!!!", the big tear began to fall. Wasn't 10 minutes long enough for them to have him? Couldn't he come back home and be my baby again?? I need him!! I cannot stand it. I'm still teary eyed over the whole traumatizing experience. I'm crying right now! I'm sure I'll cry tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday and all of the days to follow. But it has become evident that my handsome big boy now was very big and attending big school. Away from mommy...let me wail now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Daniel Family said...

Crying with you...

But he looks handsome and excited!