Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scrappin fanatic or scrappin frantic???

Reason for no recent blogs... crazy scrapbooking!! Ava's 1st birthday is in a week and I have been trying frantically to get her 1 year in review book done. This is somewhat of a tradition for our family. At the kids' 1st birthday I always try and have a month by month scrapbook of their constantly changing faces, for friends and family to "ooo" and "aww" over on their special day. And never fails, I always leave myself way too little time to finish. 2 weeks ago I began this massive project. Note to self: Please try to not begin a huge project with too little time to finish. Do I not learn or do I strive under pressure? Who knows. I do know that in the next week my hands will be burnt from glue gun overuse and my fingers sore from journaling sweet little quips. Wish me luck on finishing...

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