Sunday, July 13, 2008

How can you say No, no"??

Seriously. How can anyone say no to this toothless adorable grin?? Ava has reached the age of forever curiousity. Touching all kinds of shiny, blinky bright buttons that are on daddy's very expensive electronics or busy hands trying to open mommy's perfume drawer ( never too early to smell like a princess), I find myself smiling as I am saying "NO, no" to my tiny princess. I cannot help myself. Sometimes I am even giggling at her! As a mother of 2 little busy boys, I know that smiling, giggling and laughing are sending the 1 year old very mixed messages, but how can I help myself... just look at her!!! It has already begun, not even a year old and she is already getting anything she wants by looking at me in her little precious irresistible way and smiling, then jibbering some unintelligible phrase... I am a goner!!!!

1 comment:

The Daniel Family said...

She is so gosh darn cute I can hardly stand it!!!!! I would definately say you have a princess on your more ways than one!