Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Favs

I swore that I would not be the mommy that would let the kids watch videos from place to place in the car. It was only for longer journeys, i.e. the east side of Wichita or Oklahoma. But, after much whining, I decided that it wasn't worth the fight, I had to choose my battles, thus we watch a video for the 2 minute ride to the grocery store, the 5 minute drive to Jackson's school, the 7 minute drive to church, and the list goes on...

We seem to watch the same thing over and over and over because there is a very small collection I keep in the car. From my kids new favorite classic, one that I know I would NEVER have gotten them to watch if it were up against all the choices at home, is Bed knobs and Broomsticks. We also throw Monsters, Inc. and Tinkerbell into the rotation. After the 50th time listening to Tinkerbell, I don't actually think that I have viewed the movie, it sounds pretty cute though, I realized I needed to throw some princess movies into the mix that so desperately needed to be adjusted.

Ava demands to watch Elmo at home, but I felt that she needed to be introduced to the realm of princesses and their fairy tale endings versus furry red monsters and her brother's super heros favorites. This week I popped in The Little Mermaid. Do you realize this movie has been out for 20 years?? I remember going with my little nephew, who is now almost 22, to the theater and bawling at the end when Arial became human. I had forgotten how much I loved Les Poissons, and how hysterical the charcter of Ursela is. My goodness, I have been singing Part of Your World since Tuesday, I must be enjoying the change of pace.

I love the new found wonder in sis's eyes as she watches a beautiful red head mermaid swim underwater with a crab, and Maddox's attempt to sing along with every song. It is absolutly adorable and I cannot wait to add to the princess car movies next week...hmmmm....I think my kids are in dire need to see Beauty and the Beast. It is Monday and mommy is needed to be swept away in a fairytale as I am leaving my prince tomorrow for a little road trip.


thebiggsfamily said...

I also remember going to see the little mermaid in the theater. I was 10 and so much wanted to be Ariel. (It's the whole red hair thing!)
Hope you have a good trip!

The Daniel Family said...

Could I feel any older? I think it's great you're opening missy's eyes to the girly thing...the boys will love it too! All the princes are perfect role models! Hope you are all well and having good week!

The Hooper Family said...

be careful what you wish for...once the princess stuff starts, I don't think it ever ends. We have SOOOOO much princess stuff (movies, toys, dress up, nightgowns) it is crazy!!