Friday, March 20, 2009

My baby goobley turns 3

To my baby boy Maddox... You have captured my heart from the day you were born. Late in the night, hours after you arrived, I finally got the chance to be amazed at the creation that God had blessed me with. Your curly dark hair and brilliant blue eyes studied mine in the quiet hours that daddy lay asleep on a very uncomfortable roll out sofa in our room. I made countless promises as your mommy, praying that you would always be happy and healthy to fulfill all the dreams and plans God had already selected for you.

Little did I know you were the orneriest little toot that I had been blessed with...
How could I be so angry at you one second and then gather you up in my arms the next, kissing and loving your sweet irresistible face?? You have grown into such a smart little boy, rambling through the house with such energy one minute then crashed in my lap the next telling me a slew of little stories all strung together to make a very interesting novel. I could listen to you play and imagine for hours with countless characters scattered around your sweet toe toes. I love that you are so cautious to those around you, slow to share your sweet thoughts.
We have come so far this past year my sweet goo. You excitedly walk alone into bible class and preschool classes where before you cried to go in the welcoming door; You now speak so clearly and intently where a year ago I could barely understand 1 word or phrase that you spoke; You now play with other children instead of wanting to sit in the corner, content to play alone.
I am so proud of you beautiful boy and I cannot wait to experience your amazing and undoubtedly exciting life as your mommy.
Happy birthday, sweet goobley. Mommy loves you so, so much.


Jess said...

So sweet! Love every word!

Oh, and Brynn says to tell Maddox hi! She just loves that ornery little goobley. :)

thebiggsfamily said...

That was so sweet! You made me cry thinking about Makenna being 3 this year.
You're such a good mom!

The Daniel Family said...

Beautiful words to a beautiful baby. You are so good in so many're children are lucky!