Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lil Miss Princess

Lil Miss has become quite the diva princess of late. Carrying around mommy's purse, forever into mommy's make-up, mommy's nail polish strewn everywhere, carrying around a baby constantly, and beginning to play dress-up seem to be the norm for sis. The boys never did any of those things!! Except the dress-up. Super heroes costumes are a daily thing with masked twosome.
The pic to the right is a frequent new look for miss Ava. In some sort of shoe that is not hers and carrying mommy's bag and waving goodbye to her adoring admirers...her brothers and any one else who gives her the least bit of attention. She usually has a baby slung over her shoulder saying how nice it is when she kisses baby's forehead or pats baby's back. It is really, really adorable, I must say. Although the gut hanging below the shirt may call for a little Stacy and Clinton rescue from "What Not to Wear" for a style fix if she gets caught. I'm sure I could possibly find some way to spend the 5 grand they'd give us on the Visa check card!! They make designer bags for toddlers and I have seen heels for babies!!
The make-up thing is enough to drive me crazy in the mornings when a eye liner or blush brush cannot be found. I spend more time looking for my make-up than time it takes to put it all on. Zipping the make-up bag does help, but I know that is only a short term fix before she figures out how to get into the beauty products. She's my daughter....can't go anywhere without lipstick of course!!
The sweet tu-tu to the left was made by Nana for the lil princess for Christmas. She loves it!! She does not want to take it off unless it falls off her mid run and she doesn't realize that it fell off her tiny little behind. She's already for Meggan to come and teach her how to twirl and leap with the best of them!! Is 18 months old to young???
So my sweet lil princess is beginning to sprout into the baby girl that I always wanted. I had to pinch myself the other day as we sat in the middle of the living room combing Darby's synthetic red locks and talking about her shoes. I cannot wait for Barbie's and doll houses and sweet little clunky plastic shoes as we go into Dillons.
How could I be so lucky to find 3 handsome heroes and 1 lil princess?? Maybe I'm the evil queen....


The Daniel Family said...

As I read your blog, I'm reliving my life 4 years ago. I am literally crying! It is so sweet, so fun...I just want to gobble her up!!!! And no 18 mos is NOT too young, wish I was closer!!!!

melinda said...

oh my goodness too cute!