Friday, February 13, 2009

The Angels Sang and I Swear the Heavens Parted

I know I usually reserve the blogspot for cute lil quips about something cute or sweet my angels have said or how much I love my amazing husband, but today, I have to break the rules.
Isn't she so pretty??? This picture truly does not do her justice. I could just cuddle with it on the couch for a few short moments and take in all of her wonderful smells. I have wanted a red shiny bag for over a year now and have waited because the heavens didn't part when I saw one.
A few weeks ago I heard the angels sing and I swear it was glowing on the shelf at Dillards during their year end clearance sale. I was with my mom and it's beauty was so hard to resist. I did resist, amongst all of the angels trumpets and all of her radiating warmth that I knew I felt. I had, the day before, decided that I was going to save more and spend less. To buy the bag would've been like cheating on a diet the day after I had started, right? I told myself, if it is still here when I come back, it is meant to be. If she's gone, I would remember her and kick myself, but move on.
I went to see a friend the next day and told them of the beautiful bag and how I decided not to buy her. I got a phone call later from my friend who works at the store, and said she was still on the shelf, did I want her to get it? I couldn't help myself. "Yes!!"
My sweet friend Tammy came by today at 8:00 this morning to drop off the bag so I could wear it to MAPS. I had my checkbook ready to pay her and she insisted that it be a gift. Seriously too much, but she wouldn't let me.
So this is my Tammy bag and each time I carry her I will think about my sweet girl and our treasured friendship. I knew there was a reason the heavens parted and the angels sang...

Also an added surprise that I didn't even know until I started filling Tam before we rushed out the door; Zebra lining. So perfect and so fun! Love you Tami-kins! So thankful that I can call you my girl.


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I'll never forget the first time I saw it in person. There it was, sitting on the bench next to you at Carlos O'Kelly's. Breathtaking. I'm still trying to catch my breath....