Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long time no Blog

I have given up on my husband ever downloading a video from Jackson's program for me. It was really cute and he did a great job. Maybe Danno will post it sometime before the 4th of July!!
To catch everyone up on our holiday happenings, it can simply be summed up as short lived sicknesses, passed to the entire family. Pink-eye, began the week before the Christmas, along with Ava's ear infection, hives and cold. Jackson then began throwing up and 2 days later got pink eye. I in turn got pink eye and a sinus infection. Maddox then started puking, then me Christmas eve, Papa Christmas day, my sister-in-law the day after Christmas, and my brother 2 days following that. Gotta share the love!!
After the company left, Dan and I felt that we needed to cleanse the house and clean -up all the gunky illness that had settled over the holiday. We took down all 7 trees, Santas, lights and snowmen the weekend following Christmas and I felt so much better sitting in an illness free, clean home.
All in all, the kids had a fun Christmas and actually "saw" their presents. After last year's opening fiasco, the kids with piles of gifts, Dan and I decided to do less. We gave each child 1 gift, and they gave each of their siblings 1 gift, along with all of the other gifts they got from nan and papa and aunts and uncles, it was more than enough. They seemed to enjoy what they got instead of throwing it aside for the next gift. I think we continue this for years to come. And it makes the shopping so much easier on mama!!

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The Daniel Family said...

Darling pics, of course! I'm glad you are all healthy again and enjoying life; we had the Christmas bug, as we affectionately call it, during Claire's second Christmas, although it was not nearly as bad as your run! Just thank the Lord it's over! Miss you guys!