Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Fun

I hope no one is offended, but should take this as the highest compliment possible, that I am very guilty of stealing/copying holiday traditions from others. The newest holiday theft in the Shurtz home is courtesy of my ever creative and fabulous mommy, my Arkansas girl, Meggan Daniel. The gingerbread house. Aside from making the classic milk box house for Christmas in elementary school, I had absolutely no experience, but thought this would be a very fun and messy experience to start with the kiddos this year.
I found an inexpensive kit at Walmart and unwrapped all the candies before Jackson arrived home from school. I was very excited for this little project with the boys, knowing that this was the first of many gingerbread houses to come. I thought that my Jackson would love everything about this creative process, being my little crafty little artist and always wanting to help in any way in the kitchen. I knew he would be ever so careful placing each candy in its most perfect place and wanting the little houses to look "just right". WRONG!!! He was done about 10 minutes after starting the project, wanting to show Papa his mad skills on Guitar Hero. My sweet goobley Maddox was left at the kitchen table instead, until completion, placing candies and gumdrops in everyplace the icing would hold them.
We began by looking over the instruction booklet and selected a pattern we liked. That was thrown out after about 1 minute, and I am so glad. It looks like my boys created the masterpiece instead of the Wilton decorating pattern book. I love that it is imperfect and there are 3 candies on 1 window and 20 on another. Nana helped with the wreath and cute trees, as Maddox added his final touches.
Can't wait for next years tree and many more following. Thanks Ms. Meggan for letting me steal a holiday tradition from your holiday home!!


The Daniel Family said...

Darling, Darling, Darling!!! It always goes the way you least expect, and that's what makes it a wonderful tradition! Glad it was fun!

melinda said...

Too cute. I think they did a wonderful job. I love the new tradition.

The Hooper Family said...

Meggan always has the best crafty know her real name is Meggan Stewart :) I steal from her too :)

Jess said...

How cute! Corbin did the milk box gingerbread house at school this year...but we never got around to making one at home. Definitely a great tradition!

That and a birthday cake and party for Jesus are on my list to start as traditions in our family...still working on that.