Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Star of the Week

This week at preschool, Jackson was the "Star of the Week". He got to bring home, Kitty, the class mascot to spend last weekend at our home. Kitty went shopping, out to breakfast, and sat in the front of the shopping cart at the grocery store. She also helped Jackson make a special card for his brother's upcoming birthday. On Monday, Kitty went back to school and Jackson became the Star of his class this week. He is allowed to bring show and tell everyday and he also brought special treats for snack today...donuts!!!!
Dan and I also had our very first parent/teacher conference. Don't ask me how many times I almost cried that my baby was even big enough to have a parent/teacher conference! Listening to his teacher explain how smart Jackson is and how prepared he is for kindergarten next year, I could not help but think how I blinked and my little man is going to school. Sometimes I want to scream, "Don't grow up" and "Please stay little forever so I can hug and kiss you and forever act silly together". (Really, am I ever gonna stop any of those things...nope!) Ahh, my sweet baby boy is growing up and I will be a wreck come next fall. Weepy and mopey that my 1st of 3 has left me to have fun with friends at school. Boo - hoo!!

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