Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Sweetie Day

I love Valentines Day!! No different than any other day, I use I Love You Day as an excuse to shower all my babies with even more kisses and lovins! Yesterday, Jackson had his Valentines party at preschool , receiving a load of goodies and cards from friends. Couldn't help but sneak into his classroom for a few snapshots during snacktime.

This morning my little sugars awoke to a bag full of candy surprises from mommy and daddy along with a few fun books to read before night-night. Needless to say, my little sweeties are on sugar overload!!!

Our little Goobley (Maddox), has really started to speak clearer in the last few weeks. A few cute things he has said lately.

-In the bath after I rinse his hair... "Toul"

-Slamming his hand on the refridgerator... "Ju"

-At nap, yelling..."booh" and then looking at the pictures, yelling "bye ma"

-Unwrapping gifts... "go trow ay" and running to the trash. This one Dan and I are extremely proud of.

Enjoy a few cute pics taken over the last few days...and I could post at least 10 more:)

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The Daniel Family said...

Glad you all had a great hearts day! Everyone looks like they are happy and healthy...just the way we like 'em! Give those babies some hugs and kisses!
PS Love the "blue eyes" song...perfect for the princess!