Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun with friends

This past weekend our tribe made a jaunt to visit the Daniel family, our friends in Arkansas. We all had soo much fun!!!! Claire, age 4 (my future daughter-in-law), and Jackson were joined at the hip from arrival , playing dress-up, art projects and watching movies. Landon, age 2 (the most beautiful brown eyes on earth), and Maddox had a blast playing with Landon's awesome train set and running through the Daniel home.

Friday, we all made a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. What a fun place to be. Jackson and Claire kept the play place/slide busy, while mommies and daddies chased the little ones from fun game to even funner game. After a bit, the bigger boys, Geoff and Danno disappered playing video games themselves!!! Afterall, it is "where a kid can be a kid"!

Saturday, we spent some time at their beautiful outdoor mall. The kiddos made cute cuddlies at the Build-a-Bear workshop before moms and dads did a little bit of shopping. Amidst the shopping, Jackson leans over to me and whispers wide eyed and very serious, " I asked Claire to marry me mommy". For those of you who do not know the ongoing saga of love between Jackson and Claire, they have been betrothed to marriage since birth. Jackson and I will look at pictures of the Daniels and he will say dreamily, "Oh mommy, isn't she so beautiful? I am going to marry her one day when I am 25." I have countless pictures of the two of them hugging and kissing. It is absolutely the sweetest thing.

Good times, good company, and good friends. We are so thankful to have such special friends in our life who we can share and have fun times with. Dan and I had such a wonderful time catching up and making memories with our friends and know that many more memories our bound to come.


The Daniel Family said...

I'll send you mine if you send me yours! hahaha I love the picture of Landon and Jackson and of the "big boys" outside. We all had a great time, the kiddos can't stop talking about it...we're so glad you guys braved the trip!

The Daniel Family said...



The Hooper Family said...

Can't believe how big the boys have gotten, and what a cutie Ava is! Looks like you guys had a great time this weekend, Jackson maybe too much :) Claire and him look so cute together! I'm know they enjoyed your visit!

tsilhan said...

Hey Shurtz's!
Long time no see.
Your little ones are darling!!! I've never met Ava, what a beauty, and the boys look so grown up already. I'ts fun seeing the pictures on your blog and catching up with your family. Sounds like everyone had a great time last weekend.
One of the many drawbacks to the kids being in Arkansas is never getting to see their friends.
Stay well!!!
Meggan's mom: Kathy

Gabrielle said...

We have five kids in our famil to! four boys and a girl!

The Armstrong Family