Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayerful day

Can I tell you how much I love the man that you see here?

He is amazing. He is everything and more to me. He loves me 100% wholeheartedly, unconditionally, and without any demands. He is a wonderful father, never forgetting to tell them how much he loves them and how special they are. He is thoughtful and funny and adorable and I just can't squeeze him enough.

Work has been tough for him as it has been for so many. Yet when he leaves the office behind at the end of the day, he leaves everything there and tries never to bring the stress home to his family. This has always bothered me. I am a teller. I tell all and more and then some more. I can't keep my mouth shut and stick my foot in it frequently. So when I tell him every simple detail of my day, how many calories I burned during my workout to the funny things my girlfriend says during our daily chats I want to know ALL of his day. Everything that has happened while away from me the last 8+ hours while at work. He tells little. AHHHH!! How frustrating for a talker.

Today, something may have had the potential to stress him. Today, I did something that I didn't think I would have the time for or the patience for. Something so simple. I committed to pray for my love upon every hour of his work day. To give him peace and clarity. For help in stressful times.

Nothing happened today. Nothing stressful. Nothing chaotic. He told me he had a peace on the strike of the hour because he knew that I was lifting him and our family in prayer. I helped his day. I did something for him when I feel so helpless and stupid when it comes to his business world.

Do you pray for your spouse? Do you pray for them daily? When they don't even need it?


Jess said...

I love you and your tell-all philosophy! You're such a great wife.

Oh, and I love that you put a question in your blog so all your readers can reply. You're so cute. Hehehe.

Serena Shurtz said...

I know... hee hee. so glad u noticed. trying to be smart like that

Karen Ulmer said...

serena that is an awesome idea i have never thought of that you such an inspiration

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Very sweet post about your awesome Hubby!!! Yes I do pray for my Hubby daily.. He too has a ton of stress at work and I'm here to tell you the grass is not greener on the other side LOL!! Sometimes mine tells to much JK!! You are a great wife and mommy and your family is very BLESSED!!

Doug and Brandi said...

Sweet post Serena. Isn't it funny to think "yeah I pray for my spouse" but how hard it is to constantly do it. A great reminder what we can do for them while we are at home!

The Todd Family said...

Great post - really made me think. Been feeling a little lonely the past few days at home with a newborn. Your post encouraged me to use some of the quiet times ptaying for Joey. Thank you for that.

Heather said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful thought, Serena. Your husband is a lucky man.