Monday, September 21, 2009

100% Big

So why when he brought this piece of paper home did I feel a little twinge of sadness? His very first spelling test. Spelling. What? He can spell? He's a baby. He's my baby. He's supposed to depend on me to write things out for him, not write them himself. He's reading, with much hesitation, and writing and getting all about big and leaving mom in the dust. He says he likes math. He has subjects? What? I'm accepting. Accepting that he's getting bigger. It's a process. I know. It's the 2nd month of school, when does the accepting part stop? NEVER.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

You said it in the last sentence...NEVER!!!! At least he got to do his test in crayon!! That still screams baby!! Right?!?!

The Daniel Family said...

So least he is enjoying it now and the complaint "too much work" is in the past!!!! Fun times!

btt said...

This really made me tear up - I have blinked and my premie twins are now taller than me.... from 3lb 15oz to 115lb and 5'1" 4lb 5 oz to 110 and 5'3" - I fear I have not done for them all that they need to prepare them for what is to come. Thankfully it doesn't depend on me - He holds them; molds them; cares for them, in a way that I just can't. But I want them to get it - the real truth. It is so hard but every stage offers new blessings, Serena. Cherish, and taste and see that He is good and able. Love you and your sweet heart