Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Creative Piece of ME

I know I have allot of quirky talents. Ballooning, throwing great parties, painting, and another list of random God given abilities that I have been blessed with. They just come naturally to me and I get excited about preforming them.

For the last 6 years, I've known that I have a talent for photography. I began taking pictures of my kids and others when I knew I could do better than what a professional photographer was giving me. I then began doing families, kids, seniors, and engagement photos here and there for friends and family to help them and I know now that they were helping me to gain experience to helping me foster a talent that they also saw. I love that each time I meet with someone or pick up my camera, that the BEST photo I may have ever taken or will take will be today. I love that when I am taking pictures, I feel the photo happen, knowing it's that great one. I am thankful and blessed by each and every family that allow me to share a moment in their or their child's life.

So it's been my little hobby. An outlet to allow me to be creative and to see something that is ALL me. I'm usually busy around the holiday, but WOW, has this season been off the charts. I'm sorry I couldn't post all of my work. Please forgive if you don't see your cute mugshot.

Maybe someday this will be more. For right now, it's a blessing.


The Daniel Family said...

Good for you on trotting farther than ever before...what an amazing feat! And your pictures are all beautiful and your talent never stops amazing me. It's heartwarming to know you give that up to God, not many remember to do that! Hope your holiday season is going well! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

You are the greatest photographer I know... I am a huge fan...Have I ever told you that you're amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to perform photo magic with our family!! You captured so much in so little time and I LOVE it!!! Thank you!!! xoxo, les