Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Alter Ego Revealed

This Halloween the kiddos went as Batman, Robin and Batgirl. If you know me, I am anal about having a theme and everyone dressing as a group. I know that these times are limited so I am taking advantage while I can.

I sit the kids on the porch to take our pictures before we load up to leave and Maddox begins to act HILARIOUS!!! Running around, using all of his super abilities as Batman's sidekick.

I know I have said this before, but Goo is my extreme shy guy. He holds onto my leg when we go to an unfamiliar place and once there he takes forever to warm up or never does. But daily around our home, he runs around and cracks me up countless times a day with his funny quips and actions. I long for everyone to see what I see.

I was amazed Halloween night, when in his costume, this alter ego that is funny and boisterous emerged in public. Having a mask and costume gave him some sort of comfort to feel that he could be someone other than the shy guy he seems to be around others. I was so incredibly proud that night to show off my sweet Goo. Everyone saw what I see everyday. He's amazing. He's funny. He's friendly.

He's mine.

He's mine always.

He wore his costume to bed that night. Wanting to be Robin that much longer. I let him. And I didn't make him take it off any the next day. If he felt invincible in that costume, I let him.

Whatever magic it held is his whenever he wants it.

I love you little Goo-Robin-superhero. You're amazing to mommy everyday.


The Daniel Family said...

That little man...his antics are just darling. And reading your story about it makes my heart happy. So sweet, just like his mom and dad. It just doesn't get any better!

Anonymous said...
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