Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Week

Wow, what a crazy week last week. Danno and I need this trip to Mexico after all of our fall fun activities!
The craziness began last Monday, as Jackson's Kindergarten class had their Halloween party and parade. So fun for him to see him so proud marching around the school so the big kids could admire his X-Man fierceness! Jackson's school had the rest of the week off for parent/teacher conferences! You would've thought that it would've slowed us down?!
Tuesday was shopping and getting ready for the week ahead.
Wednesday we had our conference with Jackson's teacher, Ms. Williams. Big surprise , I cried! He is doing wonderfully and is a sweet and cooperative little boy (as if I didn't already know that I was given the angel child).?!? We then had a play date and lunch with friends and also made a special dinner for our new nephew/cousin Levi's mommy and daddy. So fun!
On Thursday, we trick-or-treated daddy's office, mommy's old workplace to see Aunt Trish, and some of mommy's friends houses and their workplaces. My 3 little superheroes were the cutest ever!! Later that day we trick-or-treated and enjoyed some fun at Dillons before going to our small group at church. Whew!!! That was a busy day!
Friday is always our whirlwind! We went to church for mommy's MAPS group and Maddox's Kids Day Inn. ( which is getting better...) Came home at 2:00 for naps and then threw on costumes, took pictures and out the door to the fall festival open house at church and then back home for trick-treating and Pizza Hut pizza!
Saturday, we took our annual Christmas card picture, which is always sooooooo fun for mom and dad. (dripping with sarcasm)!
Sunday mommy took 3 sets of senior pictures and 1 set family pictures! Busy, busy!!
Although last week was a whirlwind of activities, the kids had tons of fun and our definitely on sugar overload! Luckily this time on Thursday, Dan and I will be laying on the beach in Mexico with margarita and room service at hand!!

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The Daniel Family said...

Sounds like good, busy, fun! The kiddos all look so cute! And hopefully are down from the terrible sugar high! SOOOO jealous about Mexico...hope you have a great trip!