Monday, January 7, 2008

Girly girl

Last week we made a road trip to pick up some bows that I had custom made for Ava. Did I even realize how ga-ga I was going to be over this girl thing??? After going home and putting the first one on her and giggling over the cuteness, I wanted to pull out every outfit in her closet and have a bow made to match!! (unless they already had a matching hat, of course.) I never realized I was going to be this excited over a little girl. I can't wait for the shopping trips, the hours at the hair salon with cut colors and weaves, the outings to get our nails done and , and , and...all of the little things that I CANNOT wait do with my daughter.

I can't get enough of my sweet baby boys, but I am going to have so much fun with my baby girl and all of our girly, girl time together!!

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The Daniel Family said...

Darling!!! She looks precious, can't wait to do things together with both our girly girls!!!
Miss ya! Kisses from Claire to Jackson...